West Gathering

Sabine Pass Gathering SystemDetailed Map
This group of offshore pipelines has the configuration of an inverted “Y” with a platform located in Sabine Pass Block 18, offshore Texas (SX 18). At the Sabine Pass 18 platform 12-inch diameter and 24-inch diameter upstream lines feed into a 30-inch diameter jurisdictional pipeline (Line 821E-100) that extends to the onshore separation, dehydration and processing facilities. This system consists of approximately 26 miles.

Cameron Gathering SystemDetailed Map
The Cameron Gathering System consists of WC 68 platform as a central aggregation point for gathering on upstream facilities; EC 49 A/B platforms perform the gathering function for all upstream facilities. A producer-owned platform in EC 33 at the connection of Line 507A-5200 performs the gathering function for all upstream facilities. This system consists of approximately 120 miles.

South Marsh Island Gathering SystemDetailed Map
The South Marsh Island Gathering System begins upstream of Lines 823X-1300 and 823X-300 at South Marsh Island Blocks 249 and 243 respectfully and includes the jumper Line 823X-600. The System terminates at South Marsh Island 252 and 257. This system consists of approximately 15 miles.

East Gathering

South TimbalierDetailed Map, Grand Isle and Bay Marchand Gathering Systems Detailed Map
This system consists of 24 miles of 12-16 inch diameter pipe extending northward from Leeville on the onshore arm of Line 524A-100. These facilities constitute a spine-and lateral configuration, with receipt points and additional pipelines located along the entire length of the spine. The offshore portion begins at South Timbalier 37 and terminates at South Timbalier Blocks 53, 50, and 34. This system consists of approximately 63 miles.

South Pass Gathering SystemDetailed Map
The system has a central point of aggregation located at a Platform in South Pass Area (SP) 55. All upstream facilities, including Line 527A-900 and 527A-700 perform a gathering function. In addition, Line 526A-600 and Lines 526A-2000 and 526A-700 and all upstream pipeline facilities perform a gathering function. This system consists of approximately 100 miles.

Kinetica gathering business comprises 324 miles of gas pipeline and is operated as Kinetica Midstream Energy, LLC.