West Regulated

Sabine Pass SystemDetailed Map
This group of offshore pipelines is predominantly located in far western offshore Louisiana and extends from Johnson Bayou, Louisiana into and through offshore West Cameron and Sabine Pass areas. It includes approximately 23 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 10-inches to 30-inches in diameter.

Second Bayou LineDetailed Map
This group of onshore pipelines is located in far southwestern Louisiana and includes approximately 32.6 miles of 16-inch pipe and approximately 1.6 miles of 8-inch pipeline. The 16-inch pipeline runs east and west onshore along and near the Gulf of Mexico (“GOM”) shoreline, and linking the Sabine Pass System facilities to the Cameron System facilities. In addition to linking these two systems, this line includes receipt points along its length.

Kinder-Related LinesDetailed Map
Kinder-Related Lines means the onshore pipelines designated as Lines 507A-800, 507A-100, and 507C-100, consisting of approximately 130 miles of pipeline ranging in diameter from 6-inch to 20-inch. The 507A-100 and 507C-100 both originate at the TGP’s Station 823. These lines include receipt and delivery points along their length.

Cameron SystemDetailed Map
The Cameron system is located in offshore and onshore Louisiana (i.e. Cameron Parish and the western portion of Vermilion Parish) and includes approximately 139 miles of pipelines ranging in size from 4-inch to 26-inch diameter pipeline. The offshore pipeline s for the most part extend into the West Cameron and East Cameron offshore areas. One of the offshore laterals extends eastward in to the Vermilion offshore area. One of the western-most offshore laterals connects to the High Island Offshore System in West Cameron Block 167.

Central Regulated

Bluewater SystemDetailed Map
Blue Water System means the pipelines designated as Lines 509A-100, 509A-200, 509A-300, 523M-100, 523Q-100 and numerous associated laterals, consisting of approximately 551 miles of pipeline ranging in diameter from 36-inch to 4-inch, and associated Real Property, commencing at the Egan Measurement Facility and continuing in a southerly direction to Vermilion Block 245, then easterly to Ship Shoal Block 198, and then northerly and terminating at the Cocodrie Separation and Dehydration Facility. This system also includes platform facilities located in Vermillion Block 245,Ship Shoal Block 198, and Eugene Island 250, and the Lirette lateral, 523R-100 and 523R-200.

South Marsh Island SystemDetailed Map
The South Marsh Island System is located in Vermilion Parish and Vermilion and South Marsh Island offshore areas. It includes approximately 67 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 6-inch to 16-inch pipeline. The system extends southeasterly from Pecan Island Separation & Dehydration Facilities Louisiana, to South Marsh Island Blocks 249 and 243.

East Regulated

Cocodrie- Related LineDetailed Map
Cocodrie-Related Line means the 24-inch onshore pipeline running easterly from the Cocodrie Separation and Dehydration facility to the MLV 526 Platform at the terminus of Line 526C-100 and several 6-inch to 12-inch lateral pipelines, consisting of approximately 63 miles of pipeline.. Facilities do not include Seller’s [TGP] 36-inch diameter 500-2 Line extending from the Cocodrie Separation and Dehydration Facility to the Port Sulphur Separation Facility.

South TimbalierDetailed Map, Grand Isle and Bay Marchand Gathering Systems Detailed Map
The South Timbalier, Grand Isle and Bay Marchand Systems are near Leeville, Louisiana. The onshore laterals, 523D-100, 200, 700 extend north into Lafourche Parish. The offshore laterals, including 523G-100, 523D-400, 524J-100 and 524C-100 extend southward into state waters and into federal offshore areas including South Timbalier, Grand Isle and Bay Marchand. This grouping of pipeline facilities includes approximately 110 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 4-inch to 16-inch diameter and a marsh platform in BM Block 5. Line 524J-100 terminates at South Timbalier 37 and Line 524C-400 & 500 terminate at Grand Isle 47 and 48.

West Delta 68 SystemDetailed Map
West Delta 68 System is located onshore and offshore Lafourche and Plaquemines Parishes, Louisiana and consists of approximately 178 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 8-inch to 30-inch. Line 526A-100 runs eastward from MLV 526 to Scofield Bay, Lines 500-1 and 527A-100 run northward to Port Sulphur, Line 526A-200 runs to Main Pass 32, Lines 526C-100 and 526D-100 run southward offshore to Grand Isle 43 and West Delta 68, and lateral 526A-1800 runs southward offshore to West Delta 30.

South Pass SystemDetailed Map
Beginning at Scofield Bay Lines 526A-100 and 527A-100 run southeastward to the West Delta and South Pass offshore areas, Line 527A-300 runs north to the Venice Plant, Line 526A-300 runs south to West Delta 84, and Line 527A-600 runs south to the SP 55 Platform.. This system consists of approximately 44 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 10-inch to 36-inch diameter.

Kinetica regulated business comprises 1340 miles of gas pipelines serving multiple markets and is operated as Kinetica Energy Express, LLC.