Houma Office

  • Rae Donaldson, Sr. Vice President
  • Kurt Cheramie, Sr. Vice President
  • Patrick Bourg, Senior Director of Operations
  • Colette LeBlanc, Director, Accounting
  • Chris Cantrelle, Director Pipeline & Measurement
  • Chuck Smith, Technical Manager Measurement
  • Sally Bergeron, Manager, Office & Budget
  • Deirdre Fontenot, Manager Environmental, Liquids
  • Nicole Leveridge, Manager, Safety & Training
  • Jude Richard, Manager of Aviation
  • Ronnie Adams, East La. Pipeline & Facilities Manager

Crowley Office

  • Tracy Menard, Director, Human Resources, Payroll & Benefits
  • Donald Trahan, Gas Controller
  • Gary Gremillion, Gas Controller
  • Lindsey Hebert, Gas Controller
  • Daniel Hardin, Gas Controller
  • Jared Forester, West La. Pipeline & Facilities Manager