Kinetica’s Senior Vice Presidents are Kurt Cheramie and Rae Donaldson.

The Kinetica’s General Counsel is Bill Prentice.

The entire leadership team focuses their daily efforts on pursuing excellence and providing the best service for our customers.


Eckard Midstream, LLC

Eckard Midstream LLC is one of several Eckard owned and controlled enterprises involved in the upstream and midstream sector of the U.S. oil and gas industry.  Eckard Enterprises, LLC is a fully integrated family-owned energy asset firm based in Allen, Texas.

  • Troy W. Eckard (Chairman of the Board of Eckard Enterprises, LLC)

Kinetica Partners vision and directive is to be a producer friendly, solution driven and entrepreneur thinking midstream company that seeks to grow through relationships and unparalleled service to its customers.